President’s Message

President's Message

This school was started in 1986. The idea to provide cheap but excellent wholesome education to all irrespective of class, caste or creed had always been in the minds of our Founder members. When a group of like-minded people join hand nothing is hard to achieve. The initiative taken by Capt H. S. Mahar by offering his house and land to start this institution made this dream a reality.

The school was formally established on 13th February 1986 on BasantPanchami day. The school had only 23 students to start with. It grew steadily and by 1992 a need for bigger place was felt. In 1993 land was purchased in Jaitanwala which matched CBSE’s requirements and the process for CBSE affiliation was started. In 2005 the school was recognised by CBSE and accorded affiliation for Grade X from it. In 2008 we got our Senior Secondary Affiliation from CBSE.

Till date our school has its branch in Capt H. S. Mahar’s (Late) Residence. This school runs up to Grade VIII. After which the students are shifted to Jaitanwala Branch for Secondary and Senior Secondary Education. Jaitanwala Branch is a full-fledged school with Primary, Intermediate, Secondary and Senior Secondary Section. Today the strength of this dream project is more than a thousand students.

We try our best to meet up to the Founders Vision of providing wholesome education at a very reasonable cost. The emphasis is on all round development of each child. Every student gets a fair chance to participate in various extracurricular activities. From Sports Meet to Debates from Recitation to Dance competition a session full of activities ensure that the children are kept occupied.

All this was possible with the unwavering support of our teachers and support staff. They have worked even during their summer and winter break to help the weaker children. Here I would like to mention Mr Y.S. Thakur whose dedication and punctuality is an inspiration for all students and teachers alike.

I take this opportunity to thank all- my staff, my students and their parents for their backing. I would also like to express the management’s gratitude to the people of Dakra and Jaitanwala for their understanding and support.