Our Founders

Our Founders

We remember…….

A look down deep in the bowls of time
“A foundation being laid, a foundation of a school?”

I ask Not only, it is the foundation of a history to unfold…..

Great Men are those through whom the aspiration of people hope to find fulfillment, the courage to dream & the ability to accomplish those dreams. This school is the realization of the dreams of a group of visionary from humble background who rose above their circumstances to dream and create this school.

Late Capt. H.S. Mahar (Retd)
(First President of the School and Founder Member of G.L.A. 13 Feb 1986 to 3 Feb 2001)
It was his encouragement and endeavour that led in the establishment of this institution. A firm believer of women empowerment he set the foundation for Equality irrespective of sex. We shall never forget his vision and ideology that inspired him to offer his house and land (at 234 Dakra Bazaar)  to establish the school.
Late Mr N.S. Rana
(First Manager of the School & Founder Member of G.L.A. 13 Feb 1986 to May 2006)
He was a dedicated and disciplined person. He was responsible in nurturing Green Lawn Academy in its infancy. Under his guidance our school has developed into a full-fledged and successful school. Mr Rana was a great athlete and football player. He translated Sommerset Maugham’s famous book The Razor’s Edge in to Hindi. He also translated Irving Stone’s Lust for Life, a biographical novel about the life of Vincent van Gogh. His contribution to Nepali Culture has been recognised by Nepal and Sikkim government. He will always be remembered with respect admiration and deep gratitude.
Late Mr M.S. Mahar
(Founder Member & Treasurer of G.L.A. 13 Feb 1986 to June 2002)
We pay our sincere homage to Mr M.S. Mahar. He was a dedicated and energetic person who worked very hard to develop the school. He wanted that students of Green Lawn, should not only be taught the 3 R’s (Read, Write and Arithmetic) but emphasis should  also be laid on the fourth R i.e. relationships, as the success of any child in the future will depend on his ability to understand himself and the people around him.  He believed that each student should have the freedom to identify and pursue their dreams; and the school should do everything to nurture their dreams.

He will always be remembered with respect, admiration and deep gratitude.

Late Mrs G Rana
(Founder Member & Treasurer of G.L.A. 13 Feb 1986 to May 2006)
Mrs Ganga Rana’s hard work, zeal for perfection, enthusiasm and conscientiousdedication has helped shape this institution. Her dedication was such that even at the ripe age of 75 she would be in school to oversee the day to day working. Till the end she was heading the accounts department and her memory and accounting skills surprised even the auditors of the school. She was involved in planning and executing schools development till the very last. We shall always try and live up to her aspirations and dreams for GLA.
Late Lt Col (Retd) N.S. Khattri
(Founder Member of G.L.A. 13 Feb 1986 to 21st March 2016 )
The ever smiling, youthful Khattri Sir’s contribution to Green Lawn is visible in each classroom each facility provided to the family of Green Lawn, whether it is the Smart Class, bus service, the water purifier or the excellent fields. The kind of enthusiasm, stamina and spirit he assayed is not found easily. His thorough research on anything that he undertook surprised the Google generation. His reading habit was his way of quenching his thirst for knowledge. We shall always follow him while undertaking any new project
Late Mrs J. Khattri
(Founder Principal & President of G.L.A. 13 Feb 1986 to May 2016 )
Her nature  can be best described as a spiders silk web which looks delicate but is stronger than steel. It was her vision which gave shape to starting Green Lawn Academy. Every person who came in contact with her was touched by her simplicity, serenity and humble nature. We miss her direction and the clarity of her thought process.